Hi! I’m Esther Anderson
and t​his is my Online Home.

I am a Digital Analyst

I Audit, Evaluate and Analyse your Online Presence.

Reviewing your Website, Social Media Platforms, Search Engine history and your Digital Footprint together, gives you the holistic information on which to build.

I then custom design your Digital Strategy to take you from where you are, to where you should be.

I have helped Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Corporates, Inventors and Authors take their business to the next level by helping them define their niche, their target audience and to focus.

95% of People just throw social media mud at the wall, and wonder why nothing sticks, why their website is not getting the right kind of traffic, and no matter how much they spend on Google Ads, they don’t get the Leads they are chasing.

Maybe you are just not speaking the right kind of language?


A digital strategy is not just about the ‘one thing’ online. It includes four digital pillars that work together to power your business’s presence and success in an increasingly connected world: Each Pillar: Website, Social Media, Search Engines and your Digital Footprint – these are all important parts of any comprehensive plan. If not cohesively connected with the same persona and message, this is where you win or lose customers or fail to connect with them in the first place. The fifth pillar is the goal; your Digital Strategy that you put into action.

The results speak for themselves – Let’s Work Together to build your online statement!

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I Love Being Involved in the Online Sphere.

I am a digital strategist with many years online. I started working in the background of cyberspace, learning how to make things tick and to play nicely with search engines and social media. Fast Forward to 15 years later, and there is little that I haven’t had the privilege to be involved in. To hear some of my tales, read on……….


So you have a Big Bang idea to make it  online and don’t know where to start?

Book time with me where we can go over your Great Intention and how we can turn it into the

Next Big Thing!

How I Fit into Your Digital Puzzle

I Might Be the Missing Piece You’re Looking For.

I work with individuals who want to get one step ahead of their competition.
They have the drive but not the knowledge to achieve their online destination.

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We work with clients either in a “Done For You” capacity or we will teach you so you can structure it yourself in a “Work with You” program.

There is an art to managing social and having it work FOR you, and it does save time, effort and money.

Let me help you understand your social platform:

  • Digital Roadmap
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Online Promotion
  • How to get online
  • Showcase Business Value

Personal Branding

We are not going to set up a Social account so you can have thousands of followers to sell them some trumped up fake product. It is not about the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the glamorous holidays and the many , many selfies you take.

If you do not want to share your knowledge for the betterment of others, then this isn’t for you.


Web Design

So maybe you have a degree or two, maybe you studied your profession for many years. Either way, you have the knowledge, the skill and you are elevated in your field.

Others look up to you and appreciate what you do. Now you want to share the knowledge. What are the next steps to take?


Online Marketing

Maybe you are not sure exactly what your goals are, or what you will do in the future. The only thing you do know, is that you want something a little bit more than others. So why not start creating your online brand now for when you need it in the future. Imagine in 10 years if you are a CEO or Managing Director or running for Politics? Don’t you wish you could have

My Revolving World


Promotions, Marketing & Events

I have had some fun projects, that’s for sure.

Elections: Both Local and State with interesting candidates.

TedX Mandurah, Destination Pilbara, Industry Summits and Book Launches.

Never a dull moment.


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teck design and marketing website

Website Design

I am very proud of Teck Design and Marketing that I created 12 yrs ago. We have served many clients, all with different purposes, uses and across many industries. The ones that give me most pleasure is when we help an individual launch their dream whether it be a Book Launch, Online Training, Ecommerce store or Personal Brand. Andy why the eye? Why not? Some people like it, some don’t but they all remember it for it’s uniqueness.

Reputation Management

In these times, your Client and your Boss are both checking you out. Google yourself: Yes and it isn’t a vanity search. Have you been linked to something that is not true, 

reputation management with esther anderson

So if you are interested in what a Personal Branded website can do to enhance your online reputation, have a look at our options that can work in with your personal profile. We custom design to all professions, services and most of all, characters. See what is on offer….

Let's Build Your Brand with esther anderson

What’s Next?

You have three options:

Digital Interview – 1 hour

You set the topic, ask the questions and get the answers on digital you need.

Digital Strategy Session – 3 hours

Starting with pre-work, we then take a deep dive into your digital world, conducting a full audit of your online, so then we can start planning your next effective steps on your digital journey.

Don’t know what you need? Then book a free 15 minute call and we can make a recommendation.

Complete the form below for a FREE 15 minute discovery call with Esther

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Our Mission

“Helping Individuals lay the foundation for their future, create a strategy for their journey and acknowledgment of self when they become the person they knew they were meant to be.”

INTEGRITY is what we stand by. In an age where many are discovering online for the first time, it is our mission to share knowledge freely to help Business Owners grow.

Anything and everything we do is based on the best interest of our clients with open and honest communication.

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What Our Clients Say

“Hanging out with the amazing Esther Anderson this morning! This woman is a vessel of pure wisdom and we are forever grateful to have her coach and guide us through the vast terrain, not only of business… look… NOT ONLY OF BUSINESS, MARKETING, THE “HOW TO”, DEMYSTIFYING the DIGITAL WORLD, but of LIFE my friends. Armed with experience and boss like intelligence, this woman has helped us to reverse engineer from our WHY so we can do our best to serve.

This lady has put us in a bow and fired us to the moon like an arrow on fire!

Esther & Jude

Perth - Business Coach

“The ongoing service provided by Esther and her staff at Teck-nology to achieve this result for TCS Pilbara has proven to be a key part of the success enjoyed at start up, and now with the ongoing support and maintenance given in all aspects of ensuring a continued online presence continues to provide a competitive edge in today’s market. In response to this firsthand experience, I have no hesitation in recommending any business to Teck-nology Design & Marketing for website design and ongoing maintenance, as they have a proven record with results that bring tangible benefits to any business.”
Andy T

TCS Perth


It gives me great pleasure to provide a few words in testimony to the work of Esther Anderson and her business, Teck Design & Marketing.  Having been on the journey with Esther for two years I have only ever been pleasantly surprised with the applied knowledge of her and her team, with the prompt and friendly turnaround, and ready availability.  Being supported by Esther and her dedicated team has been an absolute pleasure, and as for the results, well for me they speak for themselves. 

Chris O


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