Let me show you around the cyberspace, it is a fascinating world!

Hi!  I'm Esther Anderson
and this is my Online Home for All Things Digital.

I am a Digital Strategist.

Fancy title for what is in fact an internet guide.  I assist people in taking themselves and their business online.  This is what I love.  Getting involved with you, within your business.​

I have helped Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Corporates, Inventors and Authors take their business to the next level by helping them define their niche, their target audience and to focus.

​I would love to help you too.

What I'm Up To

I Love Being Involved in the Online Sphere.

I am a digital strategist with many years online.  I started working in the background of cyberspace, learning how to make things tick and how it defaults to the glossy pages of what you know is the internet.  When I was working with with e-commerce, I developed a strong background in marketing.  When friends asked what I did, it was easier to say I build websites.  Then they started asking me to build theirs, too.  So I found myself more and more in the online world for others.

Web & Digital Marketing

Founder of Teck-nology Design & Marketing, I help people define their brand and take it online.  Why limit yourself to your geo-location?

Podcasts & Webinars

With two podcasts in the charts, and webinars online, I love to share my insights and experience with others.

Virtual Agency

I help supply Elite Virtual Staff to individuals and companies.  Whether you need 1 or 100.  Here's why I am different.

How I Fit into Your Digital Puzzle

I Might Be the Missing Piece You're Looking For.

I work with individuals who want to get one step ahead of their competition.
They have the drive but not the knowledge to achieve their online destination.

Founder of:

A little Token of My Appreciation

Thanks for Dropping By!
I would like to share with you my take on the inter-webs and how they hang together.  This is the way of tomorrow, the online, cyberspace, infobahn, world.  You are only scared of the unknown.
Learn what it is, what it does, and why it works.  'Demystify your Digital!'

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