Let me show you around the cyberspace, it is a fascinating world!

Hi!  I'm Esther Anderson
and this is my Online Home for All Things Digital.

I am a Digital Strategist.

Fancy title for what is in fact an internet guide.  I assist people in taking themselves and their business online.  This is what I love.  Getting involved with you, within your business.​

I have helped Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Corporates, Inventors and Authors take their business to the next level by helping them define their niche, their target audience and to focus.

​I would love to help you too.

What I'm Up To

I Love Being Involved in the Online Sphere.

I am a digital strategist with many years online.  I started working in the background of cyberspace, learning how to make things tick and how it defaults to the glossy pages of what you know is the internet.  When I was working with with e-commerce, I developed a strong background in marketing.  When friends asked what I did, it was easier to say I build websites.  Then they started asking me to build theirs, too.  So I found myself more and more in the online world for others.

Web & Digital Marketing

Founder of Teck-nology Design & Marketing, I help people define their brand and take it online.  Why limit yourself to your geo-location?

Podcasts & Webinars

With two podcasts in the charts, and webinars online, I love to share my insights and experience with others.

Virtual Agency

I help supply Elite Virtual Staff to individuals and companies.  Whether you need 1 or 100.  Here's why I am different.

How I Fit into Your Digital Puzzle

I Might Be the Missing Piece You're Looking For.

I work with individuals who want to get one step ahead of their competition.
They have the drive but not the knowledge to achieve their online destination.

Founder of:

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