Self-proclaimed gurus all over the internet are trying to scam digital consultants and other professionals. Today, it is much easier to scam people online and extort money from them as these scammers can easily run away with the money without leaving any trace.

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This is the main reason why as a digital consultant, you really have to be careful with who you transact with online.

​Today, we are going to give you a few signs to watch out for to know if you are dealing with a fake guru.



They Sell the “Secret to Success”


There is definitely no “secret to success” and you should always steer clear of people who tell you that they have the secret and will only tell what it is once you have already paid them. If there really are secrets, then everyone would have paid them by now and are already ruling the digital marketing world. There are certain techniques that are not yet known to many, but if they really know what these are, then they would be able to enumerate that one by one and give you a list of what you will be learning.



They can be Extremely Manipulative

Scammers often leech on people who are miserable and desperate. They often tell them that they can help them get up again and that they know how to make your struggles go away. No one else can put an end to your struggles but you. Never listen to a manipulative scammer, as this can only lead to further problems.

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Their Prices are Unreasonable

One of the most obvious signs of online scammers is their unreasonable prices. They will tell you that they know everything, so you would have to pay a crazy amount of money. They won’t be able to give you a detailed list of what they’ll be providing though – which is another reason to doubt them. Never pay anyone – online or in real life – for services that are unclear and doubtful.


Being alert and smart is the ultimate key to steering clear of scammers. Watch out for these signs and say no right away!

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