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What Our Clients Say

“Hanging out with the amazing Esther Anderson this morning! This woman is a vessel of pure wisdom and we are forever grateful to have her coach and guide us through the vast terrain, not only of business… look… NOT ONLY OF BUSINESS, MARKETING, THE “HOW TO”, DEMYSTIFYING the DIGITAL WORLD, but of LIFE my friends. Armed with experience and boss like intelligence, this woman has helped us to reverse engineer from our WHY so we can do our best to serve.

This lady has put us in a bow and fired us to the moon like an arrow on fire!

Esther & Jude

Perth - Business Coach

“During the past four years, the service provided by Esther, particularly in maintaining our website and advising on content to maximise search engine optimisation to enable those seeking building certification services from a company based in the Pilbara to be located online quickly, has proved a valuable asset in obtaining first contact with clients, which has resulted in tangible results, increasing our client portfolio. Now with the ongoing support and maintenance given in all aspects of ensuring a continued online presence continues to provide a competitive edge in today’s market.


Andy Taylor

TCS Pilbara

It gives me great pleasure to provide a few words in testimony to the work of Esther Anderson and her business, Teck Design & Marketing.  Having been on the journey with Esther for two years I have only ever been pleasantly surprised with the applied knowledge of her and her team, with the prompt and friendly turnaround, and ready availability.  Being supported by Esther and her dedicated team has been an absolute pleasure, and as for the results, well for me they speak for themselves. 

Chris O.

CO & Associates

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