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"I love nothing more than sharing with others the opportunities that the online world holds. It just may be rocket science to some."

In today's society, many people want to work online, take their brick and mortar shop into the world of Ecommerce, Brand themselves as a Coach or Consultant, even to simply build out their own Linkedin profile so they come across as a preferred applicant.

Whatever the reason, you need a guide. Just as you wouldn't travel to a foreign land without learning the customs and a few words of the language, the same applies for the online world. I see clients that have spent months and years promoting on social media, or trying to 'have a go' at digital marketing, even just setting up an email funnel on their website. Only then to discover it hasn't worked, they didn't know and have wasted time to start.

So where do you start and what steps do you need to take?

Let me guide you through the grey areas to clear the fog. While others could market your business, you really need to understand what You want at least to give others direction on your journey.

Whether you just need to have a Q&A session for an hour, or whether you require a half day workshop. Book time with me and together we can define your digital goals for your Life/Business journey. We can meet in person or via Zoom or Skype.  My clients are Global and we can find a time to suit.

Feel free to get in touch via social.

Personal Consultation

In this ever changing digital world, sometimes we need a guide or even just to understand what it is all about. By being able to ask someone the many questions you have, gives you an understanding on what you can achieve.

  • Want someone to review your Strategic Business Plan for online?
  • Your website not converting and not sure what is wrong?
  • Want to start Ecommerce and don't know where to begin?

One to one time with me to discuss anything digital related.

Recorded Session: audio files provided

$195 - 1 hour  $350 - 2 hours


Please advise whether you wish to meet in person or via Zoom/Skype.

Digital Strategy

Whether it be taking the step to go from offline to online, how to create an online business, or how to promote yourself as an authority in your field.

Often you are too caught up in the "Not sure where to start" overwhelm, not understanding what it is you want, what you need to do to get there and how to kickstart your journey.

We go through where you/your business is now and roadmap your path to achieve the ultimate pinnacle you already have in your head. Step by Step plan including Website review, Marketing Funnel, Social Media platforms and customer profiles.

3.5 Hour workshop focused on you and your business. 

You receive a Audio/Video Recording of our session, a Strategic Plan and Starter steps to help you begin your journey. 


Once payment has been made, we will contact you to book a suitable time.

Solo Training

I tailor your training to your specific needs. We go at a pace that suits you, in a language you understand so you become familiar in the cyber environment.

Topics include: Digital Marketing, Social Media application, Digital Strategy or Ecommerce.

We also hold regular class training so feel free to browse. www.DemystifyYourDigital.com

Digital Training

$ 175 = 1 x 1hr lesson

$ 320 = 2 x 1 hr lessons

$ 450 = 3 x 1 hr lessons

$ 520 = 4 x 1hr lessons

Session Times

Please advise if you wish to meet in person or online via Zoom/Skype.

Offshore Staff Training

I am in the Philippines 3 times per year. This is when I conduct in-person Virtual Staff training for Corporate Clients as well as my own team.

If you would like me to Meet, Motivate, or Enlighten your team, this can be arranged. Topics usually comprise of  Core Principles, Company Ethos or Australian Cultural Awareness, Systems & Processes, Administration, or maybe just to connect with your team to strengthen your working Relationship.

Please email me for further details.

Speaking Events

Please email me for further details.

Want me to speak at your next Event?

Topics include:

  • Futurism,
  • Technology,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Understanding the mindset of Social Media
  • Big Data - are you really being watched?
  • Outsourcing Staff - benefits, management, team integration
  • or we can tailor the theme to suit your event

"Hanging out with the amazing Esther Anderson this morning! This woman is a vessel of pure wisdom and we are forever grateful to have her coach and guide us through the vast terrain, not only of business... look... NOT ONLY OF BUSINESS, MARKETING, THE "HOW TO", DEMYSTIFYING the DIGITAL WORLD, but of LIFE my friends. Armed with experience and boss like intelligence, this woman has helped us to reverse engineer from our WHY so we can do our best to serve.

This lady has put us in a bow and fired us to the moon like an arrow on fire!

Thanks a million Esther Anderson look foward to the future!"

Jude Young + Esther Joy
x+o — with Esther Joy, Jude Young and Esther Anderson.

Can I Pick Your Brain?

(Unfortunately Not)

I have spent many years furthering my knowledge, travelling overseas, attending workshops, learning from the best in the industry. This is  not inexpensive. As you know the online sphere is ever changing and there is a lot to keep up with. While I don't mind 10 minute quick chats, please excuse me if I refer you to this page to book a session where we can discuss your personal circumstances. I can then give it the full attention your story deserves. 

Want to Speak with Me?

Please email me with a time that suits and we can chat.
I look forward to working with you on your Digital journey.