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A Website is Not A Field of Dreams
“A Website is a field of dreams; Build it and they will Come.” ​Or so everyone thinks, right? Wrong! This[...]
I sent out this Newsletter yesterday, Read on
Newsflash: Your Website Is VulnerableDear Folks, Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I am sure you have received many[...]
3 Ways to Spot a Scammer: Told by a True Guru
Self-proclaimed gurus all over the internet are trying to scam digital consultants and other professionals. Today, it is much easier[...]
I Thought I Was Wasting 2.5 Hrs, I Was Wrong.
Welcome to the new year and a new list of things to get through. Do you ever find yourself thinking[...]
Facebook 2018 Update: Panic or Opportunity?
You couldn’t miss all the hype and screaming via Facebook Feeds this week about the recent announcement Mark Zuckerberg made[...]
Welcome to the New year – 2019 is the year to BE
Welcome to the New Year – 2019 is the year to BE!​Don’t we just say this every year?If you thought[...]

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