Professional Services Workshop


Join us on this transformative journey to refine your professional services skills, embrace cultural diversity, and thrive in this dynamic sector.

Module 1: Introduction to Australia, Language & Culture
We introduce the diverse and vibrant world of Australia, its language, and its culture. Gain a deeper understanding of the Australian way of life, language nuances, and social customs. This knowledge is your key to working effectively with Australian teams. Practical tips include how to connect in a professional environment.

Module 2: Systems & Processes to be Organised
Master efficient workflows and organizational techniques.
Discover how streamlined processes contribute to your success.

Understand that Automation is your best friend.

Module 3: Effective Communication for Remote Workers
Enhance your remote communication skills for effective collaboration.
Develop strategies for clear and impactful interactions across distances.

Module 4: Professional Services Excellence (Tailored Training)
Explore strategies tailored to excel in the professional services sector.
Elevate your skills in client interactions, sales, and support.


Module 5: Specifics in Your Role (1-2-1 Training)
Receive personalized training that aligns with your role’s requirements.
If requested by your employer, this session fine-tunes your skills for optimal performance.


Provide us with the background  information on your team member, Certificate or Award and we will ensure they are acknowledged and appreciated.


NETWORKING 5.00 – 6.30 pm
Everyone joins together for time to connect, get to know each other and forge new friendships.
Share best practices and stories, knowledge and potentially meet new team mates.
Refreshments and snacks provided.


After ticket purchase we will contact you for all relevant details of your nominated attendee and workshop information.

Not part of an agency and would like to attend?

Subsidised scholarship available direct to Filipino individuals.

Email us for further details on how to apply.