Soul Searching with a Difference

Google Search. Great isn’t it? We search for products, reviews or places.

Do you use it to search people you meet? Seems one in 8 people will Google search a person they meet in real life. It may be an employer, someone at a party (check out their relationship status online) or an interesting quirky person that you want to check out what makes them tick.

But do you ever Google Search yourself? Try it. It isn’t narcissistic at all. you have to know what the world thinks of you at least.

If you have a name like Dunbar Winklemayer, you can bet there is only one of you out there. (I made the name up and then Googled him. Yes he did exist!)

If you have a name like mine, it is very hard to compete online. Esther Anderson just in case you have been living under a rock, is an Australian actress and yes there is also an America one. This is my married name and while my maiden name was unique – it was pre-internet/social days and doesn’t exist.

So to find myself, I usually have to clarify with ‘Digital, Teck, Online’ something like that.

But I do make it to page 3 on Google just on the name alone which shows you how hard it is to be me.

What is your online reputation worth?

Once you Google yourself, look firstly if you list on social media platforms as it will show where you are strongest. It may surprise you too. Think you put all that effort into Facebook and suddenly your Twitter account is on show? Want Linekdin to be your platform of choice and suddenly you are on Instagram?

Because social sites gets more traffic FROM YOU, they raise a lot faster. With your own website, you may only update your Blog once a month.

Want to jump the queue? Have your own Youtube channel. Google owns Youtube and video ranks higher and faster that text and images.

Make sure you do the searches in Incognito or in a no follow browser to get a true reading.

You might be surprised at where your name is mentioned even down to the Meeting Minutes of a sports club.

So take a minute – it is Friday afternoon after all. Search and see what your social worth is.

and Heaven help you if your name is JOHN SMITH!