Welcome to the New year – 2019 is the year to BE

Welcome to the New Year – 2019 is the year to BE!

Don’t we just say this every year?

If you thought last year was big online, well things this year will outshine, be bigger and faster, more expensive, plus cheaper with new discoveries, updated techniques, new social media platforms, funkier Apps and so much more.

Things to watch out for and pay attention to:


And it is not all about your website. Did you know that there are 5 million new networks setup each day?

Think about your home network, what is connected to that? Computers and mobile phones of course. Smart watches, televisions, now home systems such as Google Home, your smart fridge, washing machine, robots, health and baby monitors, home CCTV systems and pet camera. So have you protected the network? I mean really protected it or have you made the password so easy the kids can remember? (and the bad guys hack in a minute?)

Cyber crime used to be stealing your credit card details or accessing a website and posting cyber graffiti. Now it will be a phone call from someone who is watching you on your home CCTV, or access to your Pacemaker asking for all your cash. And if you refuse? They just turn it off.

This is not scaremongering, it is awareness. We will be promoting education of cyber crime, cyber bullying, cyber safety classes  so that you can be prepared and keep you and yours safe on the network.



We all use the internet but hate the fact that the internet uses us back. Love the rewards card at the supermarket? Did you know that most Coke drinkers prefer frozen pizza and those buying tea, buy pikelets? Well that’s data gathering on the purchases you buy.

Driving past a Billboard and checking out the latest Mercedes Benz? Geo-Ads tracks the exact billboard you were looking at. We all know when checking out cheap flights to Bali that cookies will follow us around for the next week trying to get you to sign up for the Jetstar flight.

We will be enlightening you on the good and the bad of Data on the web.



With the many platforms out there, which one should you be on? Where your customers live - of course!

We will be diving into each platform in detail as well as the new tools available or maybe just didn’t know there were out there to help you promote your business, like Bots and Pixels.


Of course we won’t miss out on how to enhance your website either. You want more than just an internet business card, especially after paying a lot of money for it. But is the website custom-built as a marketing tool, or does it sit there and stare back to you blankly? 

These are just a few of the topics we will be covering this year, and of course as things develop in the World of Internet of Things, we shall be sure to pass them on.

We hope you find our newsletters interesting and of value. Please share them around if you do, and if you have any questions, we love to answer them online.

Best of 2019 to you in the Digital World!


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