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Understanding the Importance of a Digital Strategy

When you started in business you had a business plan, right?

Well the same goes when you take the first step online. You need to plan what you need to do, understand what the triggers are and methodically step the steps. Then understand the outcome at the end, the outcome you wanted, was planned and not a fluke.

Digital Strategy Quatrefoil

So many times I see websites built just advertising products and services. Not actually how they will help their client overcome that one big problem they have and don’t know how to fix.

What about their social media platform? Have they taken the time to understand what social platform their client lives on and what interests them?

So many assumptions are made that all customers access all social media and will pick up on the same posts again and again. What if I told you that often today, while people may have 5 social accounts, they always have a favourite one or two that they check religiously. All that effort you are putting in may not actually reach your client either.

The purpose of a Digital Strategy is to plan, research, design an effective online tool that grows your reach, informs your customers and connects with potential new clients. What message are you sending from your website? Is it the same focus as your social? Or is there a disconnect?

We take a holistic overview of your website, branding, social media, messaging, content strategy and evaluate each point, each level, each message. It’s a bit like playing connect the dots, starting with your business and ending with the customer coming through the door but via the online sphere.


What is a Digital Strategy?

  • What is the message your branding carries?
  • Does your website hit the mark? Website audit (or new website requirement)
  • What does your online reputation mean?
  • Audit all social media platforms
  • Review your search engine results
  • Benchmark against your competition
  • Target your ideal, perfect client.

If you could just have the one perfect customer that comes in the door, how do you encourage more of the same?
What are the current results of your business? Is that what your target was initially, or you are not hitting the mark?

Personal Consultation

In this ever changing digital world, sometimes we need a guide or even just to understand what it is all about. By being able to ask someone the many questions you have, gives you an understanding on what you can achieve.

  • Want someone to review your Strategic Business Plan for online?
  • Your website not converting and not sure what is wrong?
  • Want to start Ecommerce and don’t know where to begin?

Maybe you just don’t know what you don’t know – about the online world and want to find out more and how you and your business can stand out? Let’s chat!


Can I Pick Your Brain?

Unfortunately Not!

I have spent many years furthering my knowledge, travelling overseas, attending workshops, learning from the best in the industry. This is not inexpensive. As you know the online sphere is ever changing and there is a lot to keep up with. While I don’t mind 10 minute quick chats, please excuse me if I refer you to this page to book a session where we can discuss your personal circumstances. I can then give it the full attention your story deserves. 

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